Homelessness Partnering Strategy
Community Plan 2014 - 2019

View the Homelessness Partnering Strategy Community Plan 2014 - 2019 for Prince Albert here.

River Bank has always been involved in our community struggle against homelessness. As a housing provider, we completed several projects that focused on providing transitional housing to homeless families. Our funding partners in these projects were Service Canada through HPS and the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation. In 2012 we substantially increased our involvement with this issue by assuming the role of Community Entity (CE) for the Homelessness Partnering Strategy HPS in April of 2012.

HPS supports communities across Canada to develop local solutions to homelessness. Priorities are identified by communities through a comprehensive community planning process involving stakeholders from all sectors of the communities. Programs are funded based on these community priorities. The focus is on long term solutions that strengthen community capacity and build sustainability.

HPS was renewed by the Federal Government in 2013 as announced in the Economic Action Plan 2013. Funding was committed for a five year period to 2019 and a shift towards a Housing First approach to Homelessness was implemented.

Housing First focuses on moving individuals who are chronically or episodically homeless from the streets or shelters to permanent housing. Individuals are supported by the provision of services to assist them to sustain their housing and to work towards recovery and reintegration into the community.

Our responsibility as Community Entity is to work with the local Community Advisory Board (CAB) to develop the Community Plan. The CAB is composed of members representing various sectors including Aboriginal Organizations, Government, Health, Emergency Shelters, Housing Organizations, Corrections, the City of Prince Albert and the Business Community. The CAB participates in the development of the Community Plan and the Call for Proposals and approves funding proposals. River Bank as CE acts as the administrative and community development arm of the CAB.