By working in partnership we succeed inbuilding strong communities.


River Bank Development Corporation (RBDC)works to improve the social and economic circumstances of our community. Weempower citizens to build capacity in housing, nutrition, job creation,recycling and other areas that impact community well being. We are guided bythe principles of inclusion, respect, tolerance, financial accountability andpartnership.


River Bank Development Corporation  was formed in 1998 as part of the Saskatchewan Government's Neighbourhood Development Organization program. River Bank is a non-profit corporation with members from a number of local economic and social development organizations. River Bank has a 9 member board with representation from the human services field, the financial sector, housing and grassroots/community members. Our current focus is on housing and homelessness.

Spirit Award
Spirit Award
Presented to River Bank Development in the category of Housing. For excellence in service delivery to the residents of their local community and to the Province of Saskatchewan.
We have 90 affordable housing units located in different neighbourhoods in Prince Albert.  Our tenants are low income families and individuals who are unable to afford market rents.  We work to provide them with quality housing at an affordable price and to support their efforts to improve their circumstances through employment or education.  We are active project developers, having managed the new construction of 35 units and the purchase and renovation of 55.

We are also active in the effort to end homelessness in our community.  River Bank is the Community Entity for the Federal Government’s Homelessness Partnering Strategy.  This program supports communities across Canada to develop local partnerships to deal with homelessness.  Our role is to work with the local Community Advisory Board to develop and implement a community plan to deal with homelessness.

Through community partnerships and careful management, River Bank Development Corporation continues to create quality programs for the benefit of those in and around the community of Prince Albert.